Call for Participation

This workshop is looking forward to wide participation from both academics and industries. This workshop will enable the audience to learn about the latest research progress and to discuss their vision of the critical challenges that need to be addressed in the near future.

Online Pilot Talks

The online session of this workshop starts from Sept. 18th 2020 and opens to the public online. It is expected to broadcast the trendy research works to boost the community vitality and inspire applicant for later physical workshop parts.

Please follow the online access instruction and subscribe to our email thread to get the on-time notification.

Online Workshop

The online workshop will be held via Zoom on Mar. 17 and 18, 2021 and by invitation only. It is expected to provide a valuable platform for communication within the communities, and opportunities for the participants to exchange their works with the top experts and funding agencies.

Despite of invited speakers and panelists, participants are required to apply online*.

Expected Roles for Workshop Participants

The online workshop is mainly structured as Invited Talks, Expert Panels, and Group Discussions. Workshop Participants are expected to involve the following roles:

Keynote Speaker: During the online workshop, inspirational keynote talks will be given by invited experts.

Panelist: There will be 4 expert panels for different PIMT thrusts, which are moderated by each thrust leader. Invited panelist will discuss their visions of the critical challenges and potential solutions in PIMT.

General Participant: Approved applicants are expected to participate as audiences in the keynote talks and expert panels.

Round Table Discussant: After the panel session, group discussion will be organized for each thrust. Selected participant from white paper submission will be given 3 minutes to present their work.

Reporter: The workshop will deliver a final report to summarize the important outcomes from the workshop for the community to review and refer to. Therefore, all participants will contribute to the group discussion and serve for the report synthesis, which is organized by the leader of each research thrust.

*Your application had been well-received if you submitted your application before Feb. 22nd, you do not need to resubmit it.

Application for Online Workshop

The online workshop will be held via Zoom on Mar. 17 and 18, 2021 and by invitation only.

Application Requirement

Since Feb. 22st 2021, the online application system will be accessible. Academic researchers and industry experts are welcomed to apply online for the online workshop. Through the online application, the applicants are expected to provide basic personal information and submit a whitepaper.

Underrepresented groups will be particularly encouraged to apply and receive priority in the considerations.

White Paper Submission

The white paper is recommended to consists of two sections:(1) Biography, please provide your research background and technology position in PIM-relevant areas. (2) Research, please provide a summary of your PIM-relevant works and give highlighted research ideas and vision.

Specifically, please provide your insights on following two questions: (1) What do you think are the current research challenges in your selected thrusts? (2) Do you have any potential approaches to mitigate above challenges?

White Paper Selection

Based on applicants’ research relevance and the submitted white paper, the workshop committee will select a particular number of applicants for the online workshop. The committees will also invite outstanding applicants to participate in the panel sessions with other experts and funding agencies.