Online Access

The pilot talks will be held on Zoom. Please register here to acquire the Zoom access.

Opening Speech

Yiran Chen

Professor in Duke University
Time: Sept. 18th, 2020, 11:30AM ~ 12PM (EST)

Pilot Talk 1

Kaushik Roy

Professor in Purdue University
Title: In-Memory Computing based Machine Learning Accelerators: Opportunities and Challenges
Time: Sept. 18th, 2020, 12PM ~ 1PM (EST)

Pilot Talk 2

Onur Mutlu

Professor in ETH Zurich
Title: Intelligent Architectures for Intelligent Machines
Time: Oct. 26th, 2020, 11AM ~ 12PM (EST)

Pilot Talk 3

Stephen S. Pawlowski

Corporate Vice President of Advanced Computing and Emerging Memory Solutions at Micron Technology
Title: The Challenges and Opportunities of Processing-in-Memory
Time: Dec. 10th, 2020, 11AM ~ 12PM (EST)

Pilot Talk 4

Xian-He Sun

Professor in Illinois Institute of Technology
Title: The Challenges and Opportunities of Processing-in-Memory: A performance point of view
Time: Jan. 7th, 2021, 11AM ~ 12PM (EST)

Pilot Talk 5

Ram K. Krishnamurthy

Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Labs
Title: High performance and energy efficient circuit technologies for sub-7nm AI accelerators and
in-memory/near-memory computing
Time: Feb. 5th, 2021, 10AM ~ 11AM (EST)

Pilot Talk 6

Qinru Qiu

Professor in Syracuse University
Title: Neuromorphic Computing on Neuromorphic Processors: A Non von Neumann Approach to
Machine Intelligence
Time: Mar. 5th, 2021, 11AM ~ 12PM (EST)

Online Access

The in-person participated workshop will be held on Zoom due to the current situation of COVID-19.
Please submit your white paper here , and selected participant will receive the Zoom access.

Day 1: March 17, 2021

Date/Time (EST)Speaker
Mar. 17, 10:00amIntroduction by Workshop Organizers. Dr. Yiran Chen
Mar. 17, 10:15amKeynote 1:

Alex Jones

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Title: TBD

Mar. 17, 11:00amKeynote 2:



Mar. 17, 11:45amPanel 1: Application. Leader: Dr. Ulf Schlichtmann
Mar. 17, 13:00pmLunch
Mar. 17, 14:00pmKeynote 3:

Krishnendu Chakrabarty

Duke University

Mar. 17, 14:45pmPanel 2: Architecture. Leader: Dr. Yiran Chen
Mar. 17, 16:00pmPanel 3: System. Leader: Partha Pratim Pande
Mar. 17, 17:15pmPanel 4: Circuits/ Devices. Leader: Dr. Sharon Hu
Mar. 17, 18:30pmDay 1 Conclusion

Day 2: March 18, 2021

Date/Time (EST)Speaker
Mar. 18, 10:00amSummary of Day 1 and Introduction of Day 2 Program
Mar. 18, 10:15amKeynote 4:



Mar. 18, 11:00amRoundtable Breakout Rooms
Mar. 18, 12:15pmFeedback and Open Mic
Mar. 18, 13:00pmAdjourn